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ololo Wi-Fi
Single network at all locations

ololo creative hubs have a single Wi-Fi network, if you connect to the network once, then your login and password will automatically work in all our creative hubs.

Briefly about Wi-Fi standards in ololo creative hubs
For data transmission, two radio frequency bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are used. We have 3 networks and each has its own characteristics:

1) welcome ololoGuest - a network for guests with a speed limit. Password: loveololo

To connect innovators, we create a personal login and password that can be used to connect a laptop/desktop computer/smartphone to a Wi-Fi network. Please use this username and password only for yourself. When connecting a guest to a network, use the guest network.

2) ololo5G (5 GHz) - provides the highest speed, good performance with many connections per router, but at the same time it passes obstacles worse and is used in NEW devices. So that obstacles in the form of walls, etc., do not interfere with the high-quality Wi-Fi signal, our specialists placed them taking into account all the nuances.

It is used in new devices, so it is not displayed for everyone. If you have one, then be sure to connect to it using the login and password that the manager gave you. If not, then there is a 3rd network.

3) ololo2G (2.4 GHz) - lower speed, more coverage area, but fewer devices can connect to each router without quality loss. But since the standard is old, then it is always on all devices (old, new, cheap, expensive). If, however, you are not satisfied with the speed of this network, but you do not want to change the device, then you can purchase a dual-band Wi-Fi USB. You can rent it from us for 113 soms per month or 4 soms per day.

If you have Windows 7, then here is a link to instructions for connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Let's summarize. We recommend connecting as follows:
1) the device sees ololo5G - connect to it

2) does not see - connect to ololo2G

No cable re-squeezing, re-pulling, nothing will help if your device does not support 5 GHz from the factory. And here are just two suggestions:

1) use dual-band Wi-Fi USB.
2) replacing the device, and if it is a laptop, then installing another wifi module in it.

Important to know:
We open a terrible secret - if you connected both the guest and the ololo5G / ololo2G network to the device (even if only for a short time and only 1 time). The device itself will decide which network to connect to in the future. Maybe he will connect to the guest room or to the creative hub network. But at the moment of switching, you will lose connection. Therefore, remove your guest network and ololo2G if your device sees ololo5G.

In case of problems on the creative hub network, NEVER switch to the guest network, because this will create a problem in the future.

A lot of factors affect the performance of Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is important to correctly identify the problem in order to quickly solve it. To do this, we need to get as much information from you on the problem that has arisen.

What to do when there are problems with Wi-Fi:

1.Make sure you are definitely NOT connected to the guest network. And what you don't have in the guest network settings.
2.Write to us and include the following information in the message:

  • your login (by login we will already know which network you are connected to and connection history) indicate the device that has problems: laptop or phone if there are no problems now, then indicate the estimated time indicate the office or place where the problems arose if any events with a large number were held nearby, then report this send a screenshot of measuring the connection speed to ( We do not recommend speedtest, because it still needs to be configured before testing.
1) click here
2) click measure or go
3) when the speed result appears, send us a screen shot.