the greatest hub in the Kyrgyzstan
| working atmosphere | interesting community| infrastructure |

Address: Bishkek, Yunusaliva street, 80.
The whole building coverage-6000+m²

Hurry up to book office in the greatest creative hub!
There will be available offices and working spaces in openspace for you.
Five-storey creative hub has perfect location including amazing view from panoramic window
Opening is expected in 2022
⁃ оffices from 8m² to 32m²
-open, cabinet and combined hybrid type offices
- working places in openspace;
- meeting rooms and conference-halls
there are access roads with convenient transport interchange, stops for public transport
within walking distance are located supermarkets, cafes and pharmacies
underground and surface parking, terrace

The name "ololoPlanet" reflects the concept of the creative hub: the first floor symbolizes water, the second - earth, the third - the forest, and the fourth and fifth floors - the sky. The building represents our planet.

Three design studios are currently working on interior design at the same time. Designers from @mel_interior_design, @asanbekova_design and @tsarik.architecture will show their class! We will show you the finished result very soon.

Enroll for exhibition is possible right now
We will show and tell you everything, and we will select the best and appropriate office for you.
What is the value of creative hub?
Our sociologist, Aiganysh Isayeva, spoke with ololo innovators and learned about the benefits, that you get by working in a creative hub.

In a creative hub, everyone has one purpose. And the enthusiastic neighbor who works nearby only motivates you
working atmosphere
Southern part of the city. There are access roads with convenient transport interchange, stops for public transport. Within walking distance are supermarkets, cafes and pharmacies.
Why is it profitable to work in ololoPlanet?
For freelancers, remote workers, students, and changing environment
A creative hub is a great platform for demonstrating the effect of synergy. You are always surrounded by creators who will support and advise. Read answers from our innovators here
An essential resource for creative ideas. In a short time you are immersed in a new atmosphere. And recharged, go to create. And yet, this is a cool pill from FOMO. More in our research.
Our goal is to increase the efficiency of innovators. By clicking here, you can find out about innovation bonuses in ololo. We are constantly looking for ideas on how else we can be of service to you. If you have a suggestion, we will be happy to discuss :)
You focus on the essentials, and we will take care of the administrative chores. Read more here.
technical service
special conditions
You will have access to: - Offices of different types - Underground and surface parking, terrace - Jobs in openspace; - Meeting rooms; - Conference rooms.
We have a single Wi-Fi network, if you connect once, then Wi-Fi will work in any ololo. Technical parameters: up to 70 Mbps, dual-band access points, standard 802.11ac. More
Why is it profitable to work in ololoPlanet?
For freelancers, remote workers, students, and for a change of scenery
ololo's innovators benefits
ololo is a group of companies, and by supporting each other, we increase our opportunities that we share with you
Innovators and friends of ololo answered the question: "Who benefits from working in ololo spaces and why?"

Comprehensive room service
Administrative chores that we undertake
24-hour security of the premises
Internal and external video surveillance system, security alarm system
Security systems
Maintenance of fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems of the premises
Premises maintenance
Power supply system, bathrooms, ventilation and air conditioning systems, engineering communications.
Round-the-clock access to the Internet.
Cleaning of common areas
Corridors, bathrooms, flights of stairs and the surrounding area
Office cleaning
Maintenance cleaning - 2 times a week, general cleaning - 1 time per month.
Export of municipal solid waste.
Provision of consumables for toilet accessories
Public areas
Service and maintenance in public areas. Replacement of existing lamps/el. points.
Ensuring the working condition of the infrastructure: shower cabin, kitchen and all public spaces in the territory provided for rent.
Minor repairs
Replacement of locks, except for: mechanical damage and/or loss of door keys. Replacement of component parts of furniture - in case of breakage, with the exception of mechanical damage.

Third Party Services
Ensuring all the necessary conditions for the uninterrupted operation of communications and services (electricity, water, heating) supplied by third parties and ensuring proper interaction with them.

Let's get acquainted? Come, let's show and tell