ololo is the future city for digital nomads in the process of creation. Today we managed to launch:
For today we have managed to launch:

  • Liberterra - development company, professionally manages the property of the Owner, constantly increasing the profitability and cost of each square meter. We have conducted the first study in Kyrgyzstan of more than 160 real estate objects, more than 25 800 m2 is under our management.

  • John Galt - A business accelerator, the purpose of which is to create a start-up ecosystem of the Kyrgyz Republic, to open up and help the enthusiastic founders to transform their startups into strong, scalable and successful companies. Since 2017, John Galt has supported seven companies.
The current business accelerator portfolio includes the following companies:
Make Nova – a recruitment agency that will help you find the job of your dreams.
Предприниматель – a business school that inspires entrepreneurship and organizes various courses and activities for people in this field.
Code Generation – school of programming for children. Learn to create your own websites, mobile applications, games, cartoons and come up with creative projects.
NBA – a company that can help with the outsourcing of accounting services and financial analysis of your company.
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  • ololo Creative Impact Fund – A fund to support and develop women's entrepreneurship and creative enterprises that are predominantly female or that produce products for women, providing the first investment. In addition, the Fund supports and assists participating companies in establishing relationships with experienced entrepreneurs from the Ololo group of companies, as well as engaging industry experts.
We believe that the development of the creative economy and creative class in the country will contribute to its development.

It is the creative class in the 21st century that determines future economic growth, says Richard Florida. The countries that are leaving are scientists, journalists, designers, artists, musicians, architects, programmers, sculptors, marketers, writers, filmmakers, actors, animators, fashion designers, artisans, no future.

Those who attract these artists will find themselves in the path of a new economy.

That is why the activity of ololo is aimed at the development and support of the creative class.

Innovators and friends of ololo answered the question: "Who benefits from working in ololo spaces and why?"
What is the value of creative hub?
Our sociologist, Aiganysh Isayeva, spoke with ololo innovators and learned about the benefits, that you get by working in a creative hub.

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