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offices from 22,000 som/month
for teams from 2 to 15 people
the price includes administrative costs


You can work from the coffee shop, and from home. But there is a risk that a noisy company will sit nearby, and the neighbors will start renovating the house, etc.
Everyone has the same goal in a creative hub. And passionately working neighbor only motivates.
working atmosphere
Convenient, when everything is already taken into account and close.
About all the possibilities you can find out by clicking here
Internet is the second air. We have a single Wi-Fi network, if you connect once, Wi-Fi will work in any ololo. Technical parameters: up to 70 Mbit, dual-band access points, 802.11ac standard. Read more.
Why is it profitable to work in office?
An important resource for creative ideas. In a short time you dive into a new atmosphere. And recharged, you go to create.
And also, this is a cool tablet from FOMO. Read more in our research.
Our goal is to increase the effectiveness of residents.
«y clicking here, you can learn about residency bonuses at ololo.
We are constantly looking for ideas on how else we can be of service to you. If you have a suggestion, we'd be happy to discuss it :)
You focus on what's important, and we take care of the administrative hassle. Read more here..
technical service
special conditions
The creative hub is a great place to demonstrate the synergy effect.
You are always surrounded by creators who will support and advise.
Read the answers of our innovators here.
You pay for 1 workplace, you get everything you need for comfortable work
Innovation Bonuses in ololo
ololo is a group of companies, and by supporting each other we increase the opportunities we share with you
Innovators and friends of ololo answered the question: "Who benefits from working in ololo spaces and why?"
What is the value of a creative hub?
Our sociologist, Aiganysh Isaeva, talked to ololo innovators and learned about the advantages,
that you get working in a creative hub.
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Comprehensive maintenance of the premises
The administrative troubles we take care of
Comprehensive maintenance of the premises
The administrative troubles we take care of
Round the clock security of the premises
Internal and external video surveillance system, alarm system.
Security system
Maintenance of fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems of the premises.
Room maintenance
Power supply system, bathrooms, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, engineering communication.
24-hour Internet access.
Common area cleaning
Corridors, bathrooms, stairways and the surrounding area.
Office cleaning
Maintenance cleaning - 2 times a week, general cleaning - 1 time a month.
Removal of solid household waste.
Provision of consumables for toilet accessories.
Public areas
Service and maintenance in public areas.
Replacement of existing lamps/el. points.
Maintenance of the working condition of the infrastructure: shower, kitchen and all public spaces on the territory provided for rent.
Minor repairs
Replacement of locks, except for: mechanical damage and/or loss of keys to the door.
Replacement of furniture components - in case of breakage, except for mechanical damage.
Third party service
Provision of all necessary conditions for uninterrupted operation of communications and services (electricity, water, heating) supplied by third-party organizations and ensuring proper interaction with them.

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