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ololoErkindik hall | until 70 places
Address:boulevard Erkindik,64B,Bishkek.
ololoOsh hall | until 100 places
Address:Lenin street, 316, Osh
ololoOsh hall | until 25 place
Адрес: ул. Ленина, 316, г. Ош

ololoErkindik hall
Spacious and creative space will provide the right atmosphere for your event. The conference halls is equipped with modern equipment for presentations, online and offline meetings.
ololoOsh hall
The central and well-known location will be the perfect place for you and your guests. Infrastructure and design will create a pleasant atmosphere. Modern conference equipment will ensure the successful holding of events at a high level.
minihall in ololoOsh
The hall is equipped with modern equipment for presentations, online and offline meetings between Bishkek and Osh. Conference cameras with automatic control are installed in the hall. Large screens and clear audibility convey the feeling that all people are in the same room. The space is mobile and there is an opportunity to hold events of various formats: online calls, negotiations, master classes, performances. There are also conditions for conducting dance lessons (wall with a mirror, wooden floor).
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