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creative IT hub in the heart of Osh
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creative IT hub in the heart of Osh
ololoOsh is a creative IT hub with an area of more than 1000 m², which is part of the national network of the ololo group companies. The hub was created in 2018 with the participation of business accelerator Accelerate Prosperity.

The purpose of the hub is to organize a platform for the development of the business and creative community in the region, as well as the creation of networking at the international level. ololoOsh implements these objectives through educational initiatives and events in the areas of IT, creative industries, art and entrepreneurship.

The hub's infrastructure is available to residents 24/7 all year round and includes:

· Offices and coworking spaces
· Conference hall up to 100 people
· Meeting room and children's room
· Office furniture and equipment
· High-speed Internet access
· Coffee shop and kitchen
· Bicycle parking
· Security, video surveillance and alarm system

Also, on the basis of ololoOsh, under the auspices of the UNDP Accelerator Laboratory, there is a creative laboratory Women Creative Lab, the purpose of which is to promote the self-realization of girls and women in the city of Osh in the creative industries. In 2021, with a support of UNDP, all conditions for the comfortable and uninterrupted operation of the hub were created.

The ololo group of companies includes: a network of creative hubs in Bishkek and Osh, the coworking resort ololoAkJol and art hotel ololoFamily in Issyk-Kul, business accelerator John Galt, a real estate management company Liberterra, event-agency ololoEvents, digital-agency ololoMedia, funds WelcomeKG and ololo creative impact fund aimed at the development of women entrepreneurship and creative businesses.


Address: Osh City, Lenin St 316

Mobile: +996 (504) 100 030


Instagram: @ololocityosh
Facebook: ololoOsh