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Less fear, more love


Our actions are dictated either by love or by fear. We dream for as many people as possible to change the balance in favor of love. This is ololo. The name ololo was proposed by our friend Asan Botbaev from It immediately seemed to us a genius, and we accepted it with gratitude. What does ololo mean? On the mental level, nothing. But at the level of the senses it is consonant with the music, which we are going to do a lot, it even looks like three notes. It catches. Maybe someone does not like it, because stalemates, but is remembered. ololo will do just that – awaken associations, feelings, provoke a reaction.


ololo founders

ololo was founded in 2016. Today it’s a big organization run by three people. Daniar Amanaliev (main conductor), Ainura Amanalieva (mastermind) and Atai Sadybakasov (the first architect). Due to the difference in characters, habits and patterns of their behavior, ololo remains ever-improving and well balanced body.


ololo team

Meet the team eagerly awaiting to work with you! We’re biased, but we think we’re the greatest bunch of nerds, artists, coworkers, neat freaks, sports fans, dog lovers, beanie wearers, foodies, and caffeine addicts we know.

As diverse as we are, from founders to staff and volunteers, we’re all united under the desire to bring transformation to our community. 


So what do we really do?

ololohaus coworking

+ community of innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals who share ideas, get feedback from colleagues and create joint projects
+ starting platform for freelancers and beginning entrepreneurs on favorable terms
+ comfortable working conditions: ergonomic table, comfy chair with back support, free coffee, tea in the kitchen

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ololo art studio

+ music, fine arts, literature and other arts lessons to adults and children

ololo art studio has the ambition of “creating the number one arts academy in Asia.” Apart from its business activities, ololo art studio is known as a developer of social projects, such as Musical Erkindik – a monthly festival of street musicians and the Arts Wednesday – a cycle of free open lectures about arts.

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ololo events

+ corporate, social and non-profit events

We create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. With a fresh, creative and personalized approach to event planning, we provide our clients with dependable communication and attention to detail throughout the process. Our team has built very strong relationships throughout the community and knows the trusted professionals that will make each event a success.



Property management company

Liberterra professionally manages the property of the Owner, helps with property investment and investigates real estate market for your needs. We work, constantly increasing the profitability and cost of each square meter.

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John Galt

John Galt is a business incubator on a mission to build a startup ecosystem of the Kyrgyz Republic, to discover and help passionate founders grow their statups into strong and successful companies. Founded in 2017 John Galt has already backed 5 companies. John Galt provides workspace, mentorship and introduction to our network for startups. Our goal is to get startups through the first phase to the point where they are ready to raise money on a larger scale.

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